Understanding the Seven Boundary Patterns

Learn what your habits or patterns are and how to use your boundaries to help you with these patterns

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Get past people pleasing, numbing, avoiding, and sacrificing, to your real Yes and No and your truth. Focus on your boundaries with the steps for beginning this life changing work. Understanding the Seven Boundary Patterns class explains how your self-care and boundaries can be strengthened. One or more of the seven patterns may be drowning out your inner compass. Tap into your compass and learn to trust your inner guidance.

I am a psychotherapist that teaches on boundaries and overwhelm recovery. The online class dives deeper into my book Transform Your Boundaries, answering questions with tips to make these essential life skills easier to work with in your life.

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  Introduction to the Seven Boundary Patterns
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Sarri Gilman
Sarri Gilman

Sarri Gilman is a psychotherapist, author, and workshop presenter. She is the author of The Mystery of Knowing Journal (2020), Transform your Boundaries® (2014) and Naming and Taming Overwhelm® for Healthcare and Human Service Providers (2017). She runs a private practice and devotes the rest of her time to teaching on the subject of boundaries and overwhelm recovery.

A little bit of background….

Her humanitarian work includes founding two non-profits and running non-profits for 20 years. Her focus was on homelessness and serving children and teens. She then went on to teach leadership development for 7 years to executives and managers. Her extensive work with people led her to conclude that we have lots to do to clarify our boundaries, improve our self-care, and face the things that are overwhelming.

Today…. Sarri no longer runs non-profits. She is focused on how overwhelm and boundaries are impacting the people who work inside of organizations: in Healthcare, Human Services, and Education. She is completely devoted to teaching about boundaries and recovery from overwhelm.

For more information visit SarriGilman.com